Wednesday, October 16, 2013

WTSDA Latin America UPDATE October 15, 2013

World Tang Soo Do Latin America UPDATE
October 15, 2013

Greetings World Tang Soo Do Masters,Instructors & Members.
Please receive some detailed information about several of our upcoming events within the region.  We hope you will be encouraged to participate and guide your students to participate, share and meet new WTSDA friends.

Chihuahua Mexico 
Region 12 Mexico Dan Testing
Friday November 8
Viernes 8 de Noviembre:
Chihuahua , Mexico
15:00hrs a 20:00hrs.
 (LUGAR, “GRANJA EL ACUEDUCTO”, Av. Del Ángel # 4907
 tel. 614 4240532 a media cuadra del hotel sede).

Cena de MastersInstructores y Cintas Negras de WTSDA Mexico con el  Director Regional Master Larry D’Ercole. 21:00hrs a 23:00hrs.-
(“Granja el Acueducto” Av. Del Ángel     # 4907 Chihuahua, Chihuahua. tel. 614 4240532).
Campeonato Nacional Mexico 2013
Sábado 9 de Noviembre: Chihuahua 
Lugar: Gimnasio ITEMS (INSTITUTO TECNOLÓGICO Y DE ESTUDIOS SUPERIOS DE MONTERREY)  Campus Chihuahua a 2 cuadras del hotel sede, ubicado en calle Av. Heróico Colegio Militar 4700, Col. Nombre de Dios, Chihuahua, Chih., México C.P. 31300 tel. +52 (614) 4395000
Register Now. 
Contact Master Manuel Ramirez

Mar Del Plata, Argentina 
Argentina 25th Anniversary Celebration Class. 
All Mar Del Plata Studios 
Tuesday, December 10  7:00pm
25 años de WTSDA en Argentina,la realizaremos en el Gimnasio del Estadio Mundialista Mar Del Plata, Argentina. 
& SBN Pablo Pieropan

Mar Del Plata, Argentina 
WTSDA Latin America Masters Camp (LAMC X) 
Dec 11-13 Mar Del Plata, Argentina 
Registration closes November 15th
Contact: Master Larry Dercole


Villa Gesell, Argentina
WTSDA 25th Argentina Anniversary SUPER SEMINAR
December 14. 10:00am -12:00pm
 "Centre of conventions Nestor Kirchner.   Villa Gesell, Argentina

Open to all students and instructors with
2 hours of specialized training by world experts. 
The topics include;
1. Scientific tournament sparring skills for tournament point fighting by SBN William Glenn from Los Angeles, CA. 
2. Split Second Survival (street defense skills) by Master Larry Wick
from Fairbanks, Alaska. 
3. Children's Safety Training (Kid Power) by Master Kelly Goodwin from San Diego, CA. 
4. Advanced Hyung training and principals by Master Mike Inoshita from Chicago,IL5. Special Guest, WTSDA Grandmaster Robert E Beaudoin.
6. ...and other instructors 

Students participate in 2 or 3 or 4 different seminars during the 2 hour clinic.  
 Contact: Master Larry Dercole


Villa Gesell, Argentina
Region 12 Argentina DAN Exam
December 14th.  2:00pm
 "Centre of conventions Nestor Kirchner.   Villa Gesell, Argentina
Contact: Master Luis Angrehs coordinator.
Contact: Master Larry Dercole with your recommendation of candidates names.  


Villa Gesell, Argentina 
WTSDA South American Championship
Sunday December 15
 "Centre of conventions Nestor Kirchner.   Villa Gesell, Argentina
Contact: Master Luis Angrehs
Contact:  KSN Pablo Scottino:

Monday, November 21, 2011

SUCCESSFUL 2011 Mexico National Championship

Congratulations on a SUCCESSFUL 2011 Mexico National Championship held November 12-13th in Chihuahua.
Thanks to all DAN members for demonstrating genuine leadership and professional skills in judging. Your judges training has made a very positive difference in the event. Thanks to all DAN members for your National Black Belt Show. Your skills, and coordination were truly impressive.Most importantly, more than 95% of all the studios in Mexico displayed true WTSDA unity by demonstrating together in one awesome and exciting show. Congratulations again!

Special Thanks for those Building Fund Donations collected for the Headqurters Tree Plantings. We did not reach the goal we had hoped for but the funds donated will help our group effort of planting a Tree in the name of WTSDA MEXICO at the new headquarters in January. Donations are still being accepted if you care to give.

Thank you Chihuahua TSD Ryun Ma for a very generous After-Championship Party that your studio provided for our visiting participants. Your Fund-Raising efforts throughout the year provided a wonderful gift for the many families. We really appreciate your hospitality. Thank you Master Manuel Ramirez & KSN Señora Norma Lira Ramirez for your work, planning and organization. Your leadership combined with the skill and efforts of your many talented and dedicated students provided the high standards that were immensely enjoyed by all.

Thank you teams Culiacan, Chihuahua, Hermosillo, San Luis R. C., Ciudad Juarez, and Caborca for your sacrifice and long travel to Chihuahua. We hope you all returned safely with renewed spirit and friendships.

And finally, congratulations to Laura Cristell Serrano Perez SAM DAN of IMSS Tang Soo Do Culiacan the new 2011 WTSDA Mexico National Grand Champion. You have added to WTSDA history by becoming the first female to win the prestigious WTSDA Copa de Mexico. Go Girl!We will see you again when you return the Cup in 2013.
Tang Soo!Master Larry DercoleRegional Director

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2010 Argentina Regional Championship

Sanctioned by: World Tang Soo Do Association

Contact: National Director Master Luis Angrehs

Host: KSN Pablo Scottino

WTSDA Region 12 Director Master Larry Dercole

2011 Region 12 Events

WTSDA Regional Clinic Culiacan, Sinaloa, Mexico
April 16-17, 2011

WTSDA Regional Clinic Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico
May 28-29, 2011

WTSDA Mexico Regional DAN Testing
November 11, 2011 Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico

WTSDA Mexico National Championship
November 12, 2011 Chihuahua, Chihuahua, Mexico
Host: Master Manuel Ramirez ( TSD Ryun Ma)

WTSDA Latin America Master Camp
December 7-9, 2011 Mar Del Plata, Argentina

WTSDA Regional DAN testing December, 10, 2011
Mar Del Plata, Argentina

2011 WTSDA South American Championship
December 11, 2011 Mar Del Plata, Argentina
Host: Master Walter Serapio/ SBN Pablo Peieropan

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Region 12 Argentina Eventos 2010

WTSDA Region 12 GUP & DAN Clinic
Sabado 11 de Diciembre
Polideportivo Municipal
Ave. 11 Paseo 111
Villa Gesell, Argentina
a las 9:00am

Event Director Master Larry Dercole
Event Coordinator Master Luis Angrehs
Facility Organizer: Pablo Scottino
Special Guest Grand Master Jae Chul Shin

WTSDA Region 12 Examen Regional de Danes
Sabado 11 de Diciembre
Polideportivo Municipal
Ave. 11 Paseo 111
Villa Gesell, Argentina
a las 13.30pm

Event Director Master Larry Dercole
Event Coordinator Master Luis Angrehs

WTSDA Campeonato Regional - Argentina
Domingo 12 de Diciembre
Polideportivo Municipal
Ave. 11 Paseo 111
Villa Gesell, Argentina
a las 08:00am
Event Director Master Luis Angrehs
Coordinator: KSN Pablo Scottino

Note: Special Guest - Grandmaster Jae Chul Shin

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Greetings TSDKI families and friends. Welcome to 2010!!
We hope everybody enjoyed their holiday season and are now energized with exciting resolutions and renewed determination to reach higher as we step forward into a brand new decade. The New Year promises to be both exciting and meaningful for our WTSDA family.We are pleased to announce the new Ko Dan Ja promotions for Region 12; Rosa Rodriguez - Coronado, Costa Rica Sah Dan Instructor, Matias Angrehs - Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sah Dan Instructor, Pablo Mercade, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sah Dan Instructor, Jorge Guaitimalt - Catamarca, Argentina, Sah Dan Instructor, and Santos Gomez, Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, Master Sah Dan. Congratulations! Looking ahead...In March, masters and master candidates from around the world, will join Grand Master Shin in Alabama for the annual USA Master’s Camp. The 2010 World Championship is scheduled for July 16-17 in Greensboro, North Carolina. We are encouraging all to attend and experience this historic event as Grandmaster Shin will be promoted by the WTSDA membership to the highest rank achievable in TSD, 9th DAN. We encourage all studios to prepare and show their pride and support for this World Championship event.Let's march forward together to conquer our goals, celebrate success, and share our Tang Soo Do Spirit.Dedicated to Excellence, Inspired by you...Tang Soo!!
Master Larry D'Ercole

Friday, September 11, 2009

Campeonato Sudamericano 2009 Buenos Aires

World Tang Soo Do Association Region #12 Campeonato Sudamericano 2009
13 de diciembre Buenos Aires, Argentina

Estimados Maestros, instructores, practicantes y amigos: Tenemos el agrado y la alegría de invitarlos al "Campeonato Sudamericano Argentina 2009" o como lo hemos titulado " Campeonato del Bicentenario", en conmemoración a los 200 años de la revolución de mayo. Es nuestro deseo que todos y cada una de las personas que son parte del Tang soo Do en Sudamérica puedan hacerse presentes en tan esperado evento.Para este torneo vamos a contar con la presencia de nuestro Gran Maestro JAe C. Shin y de los maestros directores de la región, como así también las altas graduaciones de la Argentina. Pero además tenemos preparado un Campeonato con algunas sorpresas para todos Uds. y el publico en general. El Evento se realiza en el Club Ateneo Popular de Versailles, cito en la calle Roma 950 de la Capital Federal, para referenciarlos este Club queda a escasas cuadras del Club Vélez Sarsfield en el Barrio de Liniers.
La fecha es el domingo 13 de diciembre y el horario de comienzo es a las 8:00hs.
Sin mas quedo a la espera de sus confirmaciones y aprovecho para recordares de lo importante que es para nosotros, familia del Tang Soo Do, poder reunirnos todos al menos una vez al año en un campeonato de estas dimensiones.
-Dir. del Evento; Master Luis Angrehs cel 1540968387 Next Tel ID 631*3320

Director Regional Master Larry D'Ercole